About Us

What is OneCall?

OneCall will put you in touch with help community first-responders whenever and wherever you need.

Step #1: Dial +1 (888) 9-911-613.

Step #2: Say the city you are in.

Step #3: Choose which organization you would like to contact, and OneCall will connect you.

Who can OneCall put me in touch with?

Right now OneCall can connect you with all North American chapters of Hatzalah and Chaveirim. We will be adding more organizations in the coming weeks.

What is the practicality of such a service?

This service is an aid to travellers and anyone unfamiliar with the phone numbers of their local organizations.

While OneCall advises you to always know the local phone numbers, especially as our service is in beta, a single hotline can be a literal lifesaver when seconds count.

Are you affiliated with Hatzalah or Cheveirim?

OneCall is an independent organization passionate about ensuring that everyone, from tourists to residents, has access to our community emergency services.

We are 100% independent and unaffiliated with any of our incredible, supported organizations.

Will you support other community hotlines?

Yes! Other hotlines include Shomrim, Shmira, Chevra Kadisha (lo aleinu), and more.

I have more questions, who can answer them?

Please email

I would like to support OneCall, please let me know how I can contribute to this organization.

Thank you so much for your willingness to partner with us. Please email and let us know how you would like to contribute, whether it may be monetarily or otherwise.